Apr 012014

Don’t let 2014’s best April Fools websites make a fool out of you.  It’s my favorite time of the year again,  I love a good prank, but what I love even more is the creativity and humor that goes into most April Fool’s pranks.

As the day continues this list will be continually updated.


As Always, Google brings it with some of the best

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge
Gotta Catch them all, now in Maps you can navigate around the maps trying to catch as many of the 150 pokemon as possible.  How many can you get before you give up?  This is an actual change in the application, go into Google Maps on your phone, click the search box and then click Start right underneath it.

Google+: Auto Awesome Photobombs with David Hasslehoff
Auto Awesome already adds great effects to the images you upload.  Now you too can be awesomely photo-bombed by the one and only David Hasslehoff.   Add a self portrait or group photo with some room for the Hoff and see if he shows up.

Gmail: Shelfie
Because who wouldn’t want someone else’s selfie as their Gmail background?   You can even set your theme to the current top trending Shelfies.  As we all know a random stranger’s selfie is much better than someone you know.

YouTube: Upcoming Viral Video Trends
A first look at what will surely be the next viral trends on YouTube.

Google Fiber: Coffee to the Home
They are bringing fiber speeds to your home, let them bring coffee as well.

Google Japan: Magic Hand
Robotic hand to do all your tapping for you.

Google Chrome OS: QWERTY Cats
Finally a virtual keyboard for your cats! (Added 2:50pm CST)

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard also spends a good deal of effort to get into the prank pulling game on April Fools, and it usually is quite enjoyable.

Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished
It’s the outcast characters of Blizzard games meets Mortal Kombat.   Fatality.

Happy Reaper
A Happy Bird clone with a Reaper?  Why not.  They have developed an actual playable version of this in the browser, you can go here to play it.

StarCraft II: Herald of the Stars
Never trust an expansion announcement on April 1st.  Even if they have a domain for it and everything!

World of Warcraft: Remaking the Female Draenei
Add more hair, make them look more like animals.  Nothing can go wrong!


Mr. Beard® Beard Machine
Can’t grow a bear of your own, now with this K-Cup like machine you too can have the beard of your dreams.

Step your NERF game up a notch with a NUKE and annihilate your foes!

Rosetta Stone® – Learn to Speak Klingon
Going to a Star Trek convention soon?  Better learn up.  Great for women who are looking for a nerdy guy.

Flux Capacitor Car Charger
The power of the Flux Capacitor now for charging electronics in your car.

Das Can-in-Stein
Makes any standard can look like you are drinking from a stein.

Darkmage LED Spellcasting Staff
For when you need to cast spells in style.

Unicorn Drinking Horn
Drink the elixir of the gods from the animals nature has long since forgotten.

Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie
Perfect for when you need to point at something in a meeting, or entertain cats with your tie.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc
Forget frisbees who wouldn’t want the U.S.S. Enterprise flying right by them?

Gaming Related

Razer Eidolon | World’s First Wearable Drone System
Experience real life in third person view.  So much for Razer’s CEO saying they wouldn’t be pulling any pranks.


Total Temperature Control: Nest + Virgin
The ultimate in individual seat temperature control while flying.  This isn’t real, so don’t get your hopes up.  The “Chicago Polar Vortex” setting should give it away.

SwiftKey Flow Hard
It’s SwiftKey for physical keyboards.  If you use a single finger to type then yes, this would be very beneficial.

Roku Watch
Roku gets into the wearable technology game with a streaming video player that you can wear on your wrist.

(Edit 12:00pm CST)

CERN switches to Comic Sans
What better way to piss off all the font haters out there than to switch to Comic Sans

NOKIA: 3310 41 Mega-Pixel Phone
Nokia’s best selling phone from 2000 gets a modern day make-over with windows and a powerful camera.

HTC Gluuv
Why just wear a watch, when you can wear a power glove?

Samsung Fingers
See Above.  Maybe this is part of the joke, HTC and Samsung both putting out the same thing?

Flipboard: Flappy Board
Hey look another Flappy Bird clone for April Fools.  Although, it is playable.

Twitter: The “Twitter Helmet”
A submersive virtual reality helmet to read your 140 characters at a time.

Sony: The Latest in Fuel Technologies
The same people who make that TV in your living room are now going to be making the Sony Protein Energy Bar.  A logical expansion.

Minecraft: Experiencing ‘Problems’
The latest version has become sentient.

 Woot: Needs a Copy Editor
Whether some kind of game or just trying to be funny remains to be seen.

(Updated 12:40 PM)

League of Legends: Ultra Rapid Fire
What’s better than no energy cost and reduced cooldowns?

(Updated 1:25 PM)

GUNNAR: Halo Vision
Project your inner thoughts onto any surface.

(Updated 3:00 PM)

Hulu: In the Kitchen with Hannibal
Hannibal Lector gives his cooking advice

VH1: Mob Cats
I don’t know, might actually have watched this one.

Netflix: Rotisserie Chicken
“In the tradition of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Netflix: Sizzling Bacon
The boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful, “Memento”-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Reddit: Headdit
Use your head to navigate Reddit.

Rovio: Angry Birds VR
I bet the birds are a lot angrier in Virtual Reality.

IGN: Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC
It’s only natural that a game that has huge robots would get Optimus Prime involved right?  I guess this paves way for a decepticon DLC as well.

LinkedIn: CYMK (Cats you May Know)
Because cats need professional networking too!

Uber: ShuberX
Better for the environment and even more so for your calves. Now the Uber Driver will arrive in a cardboard car and you will sprint alongside.


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