Apr 012013

Wet Dog Smell on Google Nose

It is the day of the fools and we’re keeping an eye out there for our favorite April Fools websites this year around.


As always Google brings the nose on this April Fools with a majority of their product lines doing their own individual April Fools jokes.  Of all the companies out there Google by far goes above and beyond when it comes to production quality of their jokes.

YouTube Closing Submissions: Apparently YouTube was just one big contest to find the best video, and it’s been found so we can all go home.

Google Nose: Smell your search results.

Google Fiber to the Pole:  Use Google Fiber at a utility pole near you.

Google Maps Treasure Mode: When you really need to find that treasure near you.

Gmail Blue:  It’s Gmail, only bluer.  Blue Man Group approves.

Google Maps SCHMICK: Renovate your house on Google Maps with this amazing tool.

Google Photos with +Emotion: Add emotion icons to all your pictures now with +Emotion

Levity Algorithm: New Google Apps algorithm


Twttr: Twitter with constants only.


Crabby is Back: Crabby the ‘helpful’ crab is back on the World of Warcraft community homepage.  Click him to change or give him hats.

Starcraft 2 – The Warhound is back: The Warhound unit is being brought back and given to all three factions for ‘balance’.


Animalia: line of Tech for Pets, because what cat doesn’t want to listen to Justin Bieber?


Batman Decals: If the batman were to have decals on his car.

Huffington Post

The Shard Helter-Skelter: London’s newest thrill ride


Bacon Mouthwash: Rinsing your mouth out just wouldn’t’ be complete without the aftertaste of bacon.


Minecraft 2: Finally the sequel to the Original Minecraft.


Bing SEO Tag: Now you can tell search engines exactly where you should appear in their search results.

US Army

Military Working Cat Program:  Giving Cats guns is probably less prone to backfire than giving monkeys guns.

The Guardian

Guardian Googles: Augmented reality glasses for reading The Guardian.


Apple iPay: What makes more sense than an Apple Gaming Device?

New Egg

Best in New Devices: Buy the best technology from the 90s.


The Shibasphere: Toshiba has create a brand new console! Video


The Dropometer: Tell when the drop is going to happen in a song.


Eco Trees: a smart, eco-friendly air purifier


Nokia Microwaves


Marylebone Man-Skirt: Because what man wouldn’t want to be dressed in a stylish skirt?

50 Shades of Grey Toilet Paper: Because well everything should be branded with 50 Shades of Grey.

Putting the c back in QuikTrip: The c has felt left out long enough.

Woot Launches 11 New Sites: Including a Folding Ladder  Woot

Deus Ex Human Defiance: 8bit Deus Ex, what could go wrong?

White House Special Announcement: Kid President has a special announcement.

Virgin Airlines Glass Bottom Plane


We will continue to update this page as we run into more April Fools jokes.  Please check back!


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