Jul 082011

We all know that politics is a popularity contest, so why not take that to Facebook and see who would come out ahead.  (Obviously these numbers aren’t entirely accurate because there will be some overlap due to the fact that you can like multiple people.) 

So after doing some data collection I found that based on Facebook our next president of the United States should be Eninem.  I really think this could work too, his campaign slogan could be “Just don’t give a fuck”.  So let me be the first to say, Eminem for president in 2012!

Other interesting facts is that a fictional boy wizard is more popular than our current president.  However, Barack Obama is apparently far more popular than the bible.  I of course had to throw in some other potential presidential candidates just to be fair, but they weren’t really even close.  Sarah Palin, being the next closest political figure to Obama, hasn’t announced yet that she’s running for president in 2012.  Based on these numbers though maybe she should.

Numbers to support the chart:

Name	        Likes
Eminem	        42,734,044
Lady Gaga	40,109,932
Harry Potter	28,225,238
Barack Obama	21,953,155
The Bible 	7,818,952
Sarah Palin	3,179,206
Mitt Romney	1,029,754
Michele Bachm 	411,303
Newt Gingrich	142,025

Data Collected: 7/8/2011


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